Kickstarter: Retracing America

A photo road trip to retrace Robert Frank’s journey around The United States from The Americans

by Trenton Moore

The idea for Retracing America is something I’ve been mulling around for quite some time, and I quickly came to the conclusion that there’s not going to be any better time to do it than the present.

The project will be an epic American journey inspired by a photographer named Robert Frank, who made nearly the same trip over 60 years ago. His vision: to capture America in a living moment, just as it was, and to photograph what truly makes America American. Frank photographed the everyday lives of the American people, and his refusal to shy away from subjects like racism, religion, and suburban life was part of what made his work truly revolutionary in its time. He put these photographs into a book titled The Americans. 

More than a half a century later, this collection of photographs forever preserves the visual ideas of our nation during that era. It stands as history for anyone to see. That’s part of why I believe there is power and value to street photography; It’s like holding up a mirror to society. These photographs are the reflection of what was happening at a unique moment in time, and they’re also segues to bigger ideas which are sometimes easier to ignore.

There is no doubt that America has changed in the past 60 years. I’d like to follow in Frank’s footsteps and retrace his journey around America as a project of my own. My goal is not to recreate Robert Frank’s work, but to acknowledge the historic importance of his original journey and use it as an inspiration to share the way that I see America.

To see more about this project visit:

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