VIDEO: The Falls Trail of Ricketts Glen State Park, PA


Interested in a 3.6 mile loop hike that features 16, count ’em, SIXTEEN (spelled out for emphasis) waterfalls? You bet your bottom dollar!

Introducing the Falls Trail of Ricketts Glen State Park in historically renowned and GORGEous Pennsylvania. This hike, while short in length, is rather strenuous as it requires a lot of rocky clambering down Ganoga Glen followed by the climb up Glen Leigh.


I would recommend this hike during springtime during snowmelt or after heavy rainfall so the waterfalls do not disappoint your eager eyes. Also keep in mind the rocks are slippery and steep so proper footwear is, of course, necessary. No flippy-floppies, people!

So if you’re interested in a new area to explore that is close to both the New York and Philadelphia Metro areas, Ricketts Glen will not disappoint!

For a closer look at this superb trail, go ahead and take the virtual hike in the Unboring Exploring video below:

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Video: Unboring Exploring Hikes Bonticou Crag in the Gunks!


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We’re gonna go ahead and ignore this coldsnap in the Northeast and look right on to spring! If you are wondering where to hike after the long thaw is over, a tip-top suggestion would be Bonticou Crag in Mohonk Preserve of the Gunks. If you are lookin’ for a hearty helpin’ of rock scramble, this hike will no doubt whet your appetite!

The hike begins at the Spring Farm trailhead off Upper 27 Knolls Road [GPS:41.795208,-74.128532].  Since this is one of the Preserve’s smaller parking lots, it fills VERY early on peak weekends. While springtime may be a early in the season, after this grueling winter, I am sure everybody will be frolicking to this natural oasis come warmer weather.

After parking, you’ll follow signs for the “Crag Trail” leading you toward “Bonticou Road”.  Off of this carriageway, you’ll find the yellow-blazed “Bonticou Ascent Path” where your tantalizing rock scramble awaits!

Be sure to have a craving for climbing and proper footwear before attempting this ascent.  Once you begin scaling Bonticou’s giant talus fragments, and avoiding plunging into their yawning crevasses, you’ll find yourself wondering how this could possibly be the trail!  Oh, but it is (and how).

After you make your way to the top of Bonticou, you will be treated with a 360° view encompassing the Catskill Mountains and beyond. Makes shinnying up such a precarious precipice worth it!

So once the weather gets its act together, head up to Bonticou Crag and get your clamberin’ on!

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Video: Unboring Exploring Hikes the Giant Stairs of the Palisades, NJ!

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So it’s the middle of winter here in the Northeast. For some, it is a time for hibernation and dormancy. For others, the time is ripe for mountaineering and “gettin’ sideways”. That’s the cool way to say snowboarding, because I’m so cool.

I’m not sure if I fit either of those bills exactly, though I would assuredly lean more toward the hibernation option when temps get bitter 😉 (roaring fire, hot cocoa, a blissful, snowy evening, MARSHMALLOWS, anyone, anyone?).

That being said, on days when ice is nonexistent and the sun shines down on me, I get the itch to tromp about my local haunts and get in a good hike. See, I’m not a total hiBEARnator…you know, like…like a bear? This post is getting out of hand.

SO focusing on the hike. Believe it or not, this surprisingly EPIC trail is within the Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey and New York!  Comprised of substantial views up and down the Hudson River, a waterfall, rope swings, AND a rock scramble in the shadow of towering cliffs, this hike is CHOCKABLOCK with natural curiosities.

So when the winter-weather is tame and you’re uppin’ your hiking game, get on your hiking boots and have a go at this gem within New Jersey!

For a detailed description of this hike, visit the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference’s page.

And For more from ME, visit

P.S. I would NOT advise this hike if there’s any chance for water or ice. Just sayin’. Be safe out there and use your discretion!

Video: Unboring Exploring XC Skis Minnewaska State Park, NY!

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I dub this entry #MemoryMonday, as it is a look back on XC skiing’s past and a look forward into XC skiing’s future!

In other words? I am pretty darn excited for the snowy season to begin, but since conditions aren’t quite right yet, I’ll have to revel in the past a wee bit longer. So come with me and REVEL in the bountiful snowfall throughout Minnewaska State Park Preserve in this episode of Unboring Exploring.

With geological formations exclusive to this area of New York State, this park is chalk-full of satisfying and interesting cross-country ski trails.  Travel with us on the Upper Awosting Carriageway along the Shawangunk Ridge and coast along the shores of Lake Awosting.  With pitch-pines abounding and white conglomerate rock a-glimmering, this is quite a fascinating place for a wintry jaunt!

Video: Unboring Exploring Hikes Precipice in Acadia NP!

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WOWZA this is one hair-raising trail!

In this episode of Unboring Exploring, come clamber up Acadia National Park‘s most infamous trail, Precipice, & come face to face with its iron-runged GREATNESS. Complete with astounding views across the Atlantic, jaw-dropping drop-offs along the cliff’s edge, and formidable climbing obstacles, this hike aims to please your adventurously courageous side.

Though the mountain in question, Mt. Champlain, stands at a mere 1,058 feet, you’ll be climbing 1,000 of those feet vertically for some SHEER mayhem!

This version of the trek packs more EPIC in its 1.6 miles than any other trail I’ve ever tackled. You can take my word for it, or go see for yourself!